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Public Art

The City of Arvada owns hundreds of pieces of art. One of the main responsibilities of the Arvada Arts and Culture Commission is to catalog and maintain these pieces so that they may be enjoyed long into the future. The Commission will also be exploring ways to expand the City's collection of public art.

Spotlights on Public Art

Post Office Mural 'La Letra'

In January 2023, Colorado-based artist Marco Antonio Garcia completed a new mural near the Allison Street Post Office in Arvada. Garcia titled the mural “La Letra,” which means “the letter” in Spanish. The mural tells a story about the important connections we maintain with loved ones who live far away through the letters and packages we send in the mail. Learn more about 'La Letra.'

Short Story Dispenser

Short Story Dispensers are designed to deliver fiction to the public to revive the art of storytelling. The Dispensers publish contemporary short stories, free of charge in unexpected places from airports to libraries and cafes.

In Arvada, you can find a Short Story Dispenser at Freedom Street Social (15177 Candelas Parkway). This Short Story Dispenser moves around to various local businesses around Arvada. Interested in hosting it? Please email

Babe Walls

The City of Arvada has coordinated with Babe Walls, a female and non-binary group to bring Babe Walls art murals to the Lamar Underpass July 15 - 18. Twenty-six local and out-of-state artists will come together at the Lamar Underpass to create big, colorful pieces of public art for Arvada residents and people passing through Arvada to enjoy. Learn more by watching the video under "featured video."

LandMark Environmental Art Exhibit

This outdoor exhibition features the work of 14 accomplished regional and local Colorado artists. Each public artwork addresses the environment or sense of place— In a time that is marked by widespread isolation, these works are a direct connection between artists and people, fostering a sense of discovery, community, and environmental awareness. For more information, visit the exhibit website: and Instagram @landmarkexhibit. Share your visit online using #landmarkexhibit. This exhibit is a temporary, public outdoor exhibition curated by Kalliopi Monoyios and Anna Kaye on view through April 22, 2024.


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