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Project Based Voucher Program Request for Proposals


The Arvada Housing Authority (AHA) invites developers of property in Arvada, CO to submit proposals for participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Project Based Voucher Program (PBV). The objectives of this allocation are to:

  1. Expand housing options for low-income individuals and families with special needs
  2. Preserve affordable housing, for low-income individuals and families with special needs that are at risk of being eliminated due to lack of a funding source
  3. Increase the supply of affordable housing for individuals and families who are chronically homeless
  4. Increase the supply of affordable, accessible housing for person with disabilities.


If applicable, all financing of project costs and operating expenses will be the responsibility of the owner.

Rent established for the project will be commensurate with other comparable rent for similar units in the areas in which the project is located. In all cases, however, rent cannot exceed the maximum allowable  HUD Fair market Rent published for Jefferson County.

The PBV units will be leased to eligible low-income households referred by AHA or to eligible tenants in occupancy of the unit at the time of the submission of the proposal. Rental assistance is available for a maximum of 7 units. AHA reserves the right to award less than the maximum vouchers available or requested.

Note: Participation in the PBV Program requires compliance with  Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Requirements, and  Federal Labor Standards will apply to eligible projects.


 Proposal Documents



  • All proposals should be submitted via email to
  • Only proposals in response to this invitation will be accepted for consideration
  • Owners/Developers will be notified by letter of the acceptance or rejection of their proposals
  • AHA will publish its notice of selection of PBV proposals on the Arvada Housing Authority website as well as the  Arvada Press
  • All proposals MUST be received no later than 5 p.m., Monday, August 1st, 2022.


Please contact Dena Kothe at or 720-898-7476