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Police Department Neighborhood Resources

Looking for information on the new Neighbors Connected Program? Visit Neighbors Connected.

The Arvada Police Department continually strives to build and maintain partnerships with its citizens. Through these partnerships we can help identify and prevent crime, keep our streets safe, and make our community stronger.

How Can We Be Successful?

In order for these partnerships to be a success, there are several factors that must be considered:

  • Citizens must take ownership of their neighborhoods.
  • The City must educate its citizens about resources available.
  • Everyone must stay connected to each other and their resources.
  • Everyone must play an active role.

Get Involved

The first step is to connect with your neighbors, and form an organized group. You can enroll in the new Neighborhood Engagement program, Neighbors Connected. Once you and your neighbors are connected, schedule a neighborhood meeting, and the Arvada Police Department will attend. The Arvada Police Department will help neighbors work together by providing a liaison who can share helpful tips for getting a meeting started. At the meeting, they will provide your group with crime statistics, an overall safety assessment of your neighborhood, and information on available public safety trainings and resources (i.e. Citizen’s Police Academy, crime prevention class, etc.)


After an initial neighborhood meeting, the City of Arvada Police Department requires that your group participate in a minimum of two of the following:

Celebrate Your Success

When you and your neighbors have completed the above requirements, the Police Department will provide you with a Neighbors Connected street sign, displaying your commitment and connection to the program.

Additionally, the Police Department will help you keep up the momentum by continuing to provide resources and outreach opportunities to your neighborhood moving forward.


For more information on requirements and to enroll in the Neighbors Connected, program, visit Please indicate on your enrollment form that you are interested in the police component. 

For more information about Police Department's Neighbors Connected component, please call 720-898-6883.