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Neighbors Connected Leadership Program

Overview & Purpose

The purpose of the Neighbors Connected Leadership Program (NCLP) is to develop and support existing and potential Arvada leaders. By participating in this leadership development program, you will learn to become a more effective leader in your neighborhood and beyond.

Learning Objectives

The following is a list of core topic areas that you will explore through your participation in the program. Your learning will be facilitated by a carefully thought out curriculum, use of expert guest speakers, and ample opportunities to practice and sharpen your skills with your fellow Arvada leaders.

  • Fundraising / grant writing / budgeting
  • Volunteer recruitment and retention
  • Understanding diversity and inclusion 
  • Influencing and coaching skills
  • Developing relationships of trust
  • Civil discourse and conflict management
  • Building a culture of preparedness

Program Schedule

The NCLP consists of a total of four sessions and one Community Connector Retreat for a total of 14 hours of training time. There are no training programs scheuled at this time.

Have Questions About the Program?

Read our  Frequently Asked Questions.


Melissa Ryder,