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Landlords Sign up for Direct Deposit

Electronic Payments Are Here!

The City of Arvada Housing Authority is pleased to announce that we have contracted with J.P.  Morgan Chase to offer payments by direct deposit.  This service is available to all property owners/agents participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program who wish to enroll.  Property owners/agents who choose not to participate in direct deposit will continue to receive paper checks via mail.

Advantages of the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Quick Pay System include the protection of sensitive information such as bank account numbers, reduction in data entry errors and the ability to view prior payment history.  Property owners/agents will provide bank account information directly to JP Morgan Chase via the payment portal. It will also be necessary to provide an email address for payment. Each email address will be associated with ONE bank account. If all property payments go to only one account, then only one email address is needed. Property owners/agents who own more than one property will be able to set up separate payments using a unique email address for each property.

Payments disbursed via the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Quick Pay System will be sent electronically on the first business day of each month effectively eliminating any question as to  when the payment will arrive, whether it was disbursed or whether it has been lost in the mail. 

If you are interested in direct deposit payments, please complete the City of Arvada Housing Authority Electronic Payment Information questionnaire. Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, the Arvada Housing Authority will provide an email with detailed instructions on how to enroll in the JP Morgan Corporate Quick Pay System.

We appreciate your continued support of the Arvada Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program! We look forward to providing this enhanced service to our partners.