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Donate to Arvada’s Homeless Navigation Program

The City of Arvada’s Homeless Navigation Program (AHNP) is part of the Jefferson County municipal and county-based homeless navigators, who work directly with persons experiencing homelessness or are at imminent risk of homelessness. Navigators assist those experiencing a housing crisis to access services and resources to obtain and maintain stable housing. Donations to the program can be made through a partnership with The Community First Foundation.

How You Can Help

While AHNP accepts donations through The Community First Foundation throughout the year, contributions made during the Colorado Gives Day period, Nov. 1 -  Dec. 6, will be enhanced through the Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund. If you are interested in helping those experiencing a housing crisis, please consider donating to this very important cause. Thank you for your support!

 Donate Here 



Your donations will pay for

• Transportation (RTD voucher, bus tickets)

• Move-in kits (mattresses, cleaning items, toilet paper, soap, microwave, etc.)

• Security deposits for housing

• Fees for vital documents

• Emergency motel vouchers

• Basic needs (socks, gloves, snacks)


City of Arvada Housing Director Carrie Espinosa,