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Legislative Agenda

The City of Arvada actively monitors legislation from other levels of government that may affect the City and our community. The City’s Legislative Agenda outlines the City Council’s position on potential State of Colorado legislation, and serves as a reference for the state legislative delegations, the City team and members of the community.

 Review the 2022 Legislative Agenda

Agenda Principles

The City’s position on legislation at the state and federal is based on the following principles:

  • Maintain Local Control and Home Rule – Decisions impacting Arvadans are best undertaken by the government that is closest to the electorate, the Arvada City Council.
  • No Mandates – Mandates from other levels of government, especially unfunded, should not be imposed on local government.
  • Preservation of Traditional Authority – The traditional authority and powers of municipal government in areas such as land use and zoning, and sales tax, should not be further eroded.
  • Local Problems Need Local Solutions – Statewide solutions to local issues often have unintended consequences on municipalities and should be avoided.


If you have questions or comments about the Legislative Agenda, contact Elizabeth Blythe