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Meetings and Agendas

Upcoming City Council Meetings

Business meetings are generally held on the first and third Mondays of each month.
Workshops are generally held on the second and fourth Mondays.

Meetings begin at 6 p.m.

Agenda and supporting materials are finalized and made available the Friday before an upcoming meeting. 

Business Meeting - Dec 5, 2022

City Council Packet

Posting Notice

Workshop - Dec 12, 2022

Packet available Dec 9




The Council encourages citizens to participate and uses a hybrid meeting format, allowing for both in person and remote participation.


Members of the public may attend meetings in person. City Council Meetings are typically held at City Hall, 8101 Ralston Rd. in the Council Chambers.

Anyone requiring special services, assistance or accommodations when attending a Council meeting in person should contact the City of Arvada Facilities Manager Kim Vagher at 720-898-7681.


  • Stream live online
  • Comcast or TDS, Channel 8 (standard definition)
  • Comcast or TDS, Channel 880 (high definition)


Speaking directly to the City Council during a public meeting is only available at Business Meetings. During a Business Meeting there are three opportunities to speak. 

  • The first chance to provide Public Comment occurs near the beginning of the meeting. Individuals may speak for 3 minutes. They may speak on any topic except the topics of that meeting’s Public Hearings.  
  • People may also provide testimony during Public Hearings. The time limit on testimony will be announced prior to the meeting. Testimony is limited to the topic of the Public Hearing.
  • Another opportunity to provide Public Comment comes at the end of the meeting. Individuals may speak for 5 minutes on any topic.

You must sign up to provide comment or testimony.

Submit written comments

All submitted comments will be shared with all members of City Council and the Mayor. These comments will become part of the permanent record.


Previous City Council Meetings


Previous Meetings - Video 


Video of all City Council meetings 2017-present


Previous Meetings - Minutes 


Minutes for Town of Arvada Board of Trustees 1904-1952
Minutes for City of Arvada City Council 1952-present


 Previous Meetings - Agenda Packets 


Packets for all City Council meetings 1994-present



City Clerk's Office 720-898-7550