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Door to Door Sales and Flyers

There is no law that prohibits salesmen from going door to door in the City of Arvada.  We do require anyone involved in a retail sales business to register with the sales tax office and pay sales tax to the City for the goods they sell.  
Laws that attempt to restrict sales door to door are difficult to enforce; by the time an officer arrives in response to a phone call the sales person is usually gone and difficult to locate.  There have been a few occasions where a group of young solicitors are dropped off in a neighborhood claiming they are earning funds for their "future" but beyond the annoyance factor, their activity is not criminal or illegal.  Laws prohibiting door to door sales have an impact on everything from the vacuum cleaner salesman to the scouts or local students selling products to support their activities.

Can I Ask Salespeople Not To Come to My Door?

Yes. As a private property owner you do have the right to post your property with a "no solicitations" sign and you have the right to ask someone to leave your property if you do not want them there.  If a person refuses to leave or you feel threatened by them you should dial 911 and request a police officer.

Is it Against the Law to Post Leaflets, Handbills, or Flyers on a Door?

No. People who distribute these materials are not making contact with the homeowner or engaging in the act of selling anything; there is nothing criminal or illegal about distributing materials.   If the issue is one of handbills posted on your door, the enforcement becomes even more difficult.  A company that chooses to advertise in that way usually hires another company to print and distribute the materials; the printing and distribution company then hires people to deliver the flyers/materials.   If you are concerned about the materials serving to notify criminals that you may not be home, we recommend that you contact a neighbor and support each other by removing the flyers when either of you is out of town.