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City Licensing

Arvada has various licenses and permits that are required for businesses operating in the city, liquor related businesses and functions, and contractors performing work in the city. Special events and vendors may also be required to hold a permit or remit tax. Please explore some of the main city licensing areas with links to additional information and resources. If you have specific questions please call Revenue at 720-898-7100 for assistance.

Business License 

Business licenses are required for all businesses that sell into or are located in Arvada. Business licenses are free and do not expire except  food trucks and short term rentals, which expire annually. Business license applications are accepted online via the MUNIRevs web portal. If you need to cancel your license and it is current, please use the form.

Short Term Rental

If you are proposing to operate a short term rental in your home, in a room or rooms in your home, or in an accessory dwelling unit, you are required to hold a business license and a short term rental license. Once the short term rental is approved and fees are paid to Planning, a business license will be issued, which expires one year from the date of issue.

Food Truck Permit

If you would like to operate a food truck in Arvada, you are required to hold a business license and a food truck permit with Revenue using the MUNIRevs web portal. The permit and business license are issued by Revenue. A valid county health department certificate and fee are required along with a license application. The permit expires one year from the date of issue and can be renewed annually online.

Special Event Vendor

Special event vendors can now remit collected taxes online. Please apply for an account via the MUNIRevs web portal and notate that you need a tax return for the event. You can use this account for all special event remittance, just contact Revenue and let them know you need a tax return added to your account. Please be sure to have your account number ready when you contact Revenue.

Liquor License

A liquor license is required for special events and bars, restaurants, and other businesses that serve alcohol. 

Contractor License

If you are a contractor that wants to obtain a building permit or city right of way permit, you will need to obtain a contractors license

Home Business 

Businesses located in the home are required to hold a business license and are required to agree to the related land code requirements for running a home business.