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Responsible Pet Ownership

From veterinary services to managing allergies and pests, there is a lot that goes in to ensuring that your pet is happy and healthy. To explore information about fleas and ticks, behavioral issues, and much more, please visit the  ASPCA’s Pet Care Guide. For details on laws related to pet care in Arvada, explore Animal Rules and Regulations.

Common Care Questions

Should I Leave My Dog Outside?

If you must leave your dog outdoors and unsupervised for extended periods of time, the law requires you to provide the following: 

  • An insulated shelter with a wind-proof opening. Some breeds may not be able to tolerate extreme cold, even with a shelter.  
  • Shade in the summertime. 
  • Fresh food and water every day.

Dogs that spend most of their time outdoors are at risk of the following:

  • Escape. If a dog escapes the yard, he at risk of being hit by a car (and you may be liable for things he does).
  • Poisoning. People have been known to throw poison into yards.
  • Theft. Your dog could be taken.

Is _____ Poisonous to my Pet?

Worried about a plant, cleaning product, or food that your pet ate? Visit the  ASPCA Poison Control Directory to explore what the dangers of certain items are. Their guide offers detailed information on hundreds of things for dogs, cats, and horses.