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Transparency Portal

The City of Arvada's financial transparency application provides a detail of all monies the City pays to vendors for services. We have "opened the books" of the City as much as legally possible.

  Launch City of Arvada Financial Transparency



How to Use

Transparency app welcome

After you launch the application above, you get to be as specific as you want while searching financial transparency data. To search:

  • Select start and end dates (this is required)
  • If you're looking for something specific, pick optional criteria like:
    • Vendor (type in any portion of a vendor name)
    • Fund*
    • Expenditure Type** 
    • Location
  • Click Submit to see data matching your criteria.



* Funds, location and Expenditure Type definitions: National guidelines determine how we must account and budget for monies. Each major operating and capital area has a "Fund." Then each Fund has different divisions or "locations" of expenditure. Divisions are smaller than departments. Further, a department usually has multiple divisions that permit management of budgets at different program levels. 

** Expenditure types refer to things like supplies, professional services and capital outlay. Provided in the drop-down box is a listing of all expenditure types; however, some are not accessible at this time. We encourage you to test the various types of information. There is a great deal of information in the system.