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Focus Arvada

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Performance Dashboard

To explore detailed progress in City Council Strategic Results and departmental performance, visit the City’s Performance Dashboard. 


 Launch Performance Dashboard



Arvada is embarking on a new way of doing business - FOCUS. This integrated performance management system is a change for how our staff looks at what we do each day. It provides data for decision making and helps drive funding for the many programs Arvada citizens want and need. It is an ongoing process.

In June 2013, City Council adopted the City Strategic Plan 2013 to 2019. Their plan outlines four priority areas to focus on through 2019. City staff developed departmental business plans to make data driven change based upon analyzing progress with performance measures and the direct ties to the City Council Strategic Plan. Infusing the budget into performance conversations on a regular basis provides the City with the opportunity to fully implement a performance based system.

We are making this important philosophical change to allow Arvada to prepare for the future, while also directly showing our citizens the value they receive for their investment.

The City desires to continue its efforts to achieve and maintain service excellence by building a data-driven, results-oriented, customer-focused and responsive organization.