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Improving Customer Service

The Customer Experience Team has developed a draft of the City's Customer Experience Philosophy (CEP). We invite you to review it and provide feedback at Speak Up Arvada. We will continue to study your feedback to ensure our CEP addresses and provides the most respectful, responsive, reliable, relevant and convenient experience to you--our customers.
Review CEP Draft
Provide feedback at  Speak Up Arvada.

We are committed to improving your level of satisfaction when seeking information or assistance from the City. We are developing a Customer Experience Philosophy that helps us target opportunities to improve customer service. Our goal is to provide a respectful, responsive, reliable, relevant and convenient experience when you deal with the City. Improving your experience helps us achieve our mission to deliver superior services to enhance the lives of everyone in our community. 


We care about our residents. We know that receiving prompt, accurate information respectfully and efficiently is important to you. We want you to feel heard, valued and supported.


Through various platforms that are easy to use and most convenient for you. These include in person, by telephone, via email and through other online options, all offered during times that are most convenient to you.

What's Next?

We'll continue to ask for your feedback on an ongoing basis through surveys, polls and focus groups, inviting you to help us learn how to best serve our customers.

Then What?

We will continue to study your feedback, incorporate it into our Customer Experience Philosophy (CEP)  and make it available for your review and comments.


If you have questions at any time during this outreach, feel free to contact email or call 720-898-7000.