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Arvada Community Survey

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The 2019 Community Survey is now closed. Thanks to all who participated. Analysis of data from the Community Survey will occur in November and early December, with a presentation to Council scheduled for early January 2020 and a final report expected in February 2020. Check back for results.

What Is the Survey?

The survey invites your opinion about how the City uses your tax dollars, how safe you feel in the City and your neighborhood, and how you perceive Arvada as a place to live, among a number of other areas of interest. This information is critical to the city’s understanding of the current and future needs of Arvada residents, like you.

New in 2019

  • Respondents had the option of selecting a Spanish-language version of the survey.

  • Following the conclusion of the statistically-valid phase, the survey was available to a larger cross section of our community via Speak Up Arvada.

  • We added several questions to help us better understand how people want to engage with the City and the extent to which people feel included.

Next Steps

Analysis of data from the Community Survey will occur in November and early December, with a presentation to Council in mid-December and a report that includes results from both phases expected in January 2020 

Want to Learn More?

The Arvada Community (Citizen) Survey is conducted every other year, and functions as a consumer report card for the City by providing residents the opportunity to rate their satisfaction with their quality of life, community amenities, and local government. The survey also gives residents an opportunity to provide feedback to the City government on what they believe is working well and what is not, and to communicate their priorities regarding community planning and resource allocation.

Explore resources, project timeline and community engagement.


  • Oct. 25, 2019 - Community Survey available on Speak Up Arvada
  • November 2019 - Data analysis
  • January 2020 - Council Workshop - TBD
  • January 2020 - Council Retreat - TBD


City Communications and Engagement, City Manager's Office



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