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CARES Act Funding


On March 27, the United States Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act which authorized the allocation of over $2 trillion in economic relief for families, small businesses and state and local governments. The President signed the legislation into law the same day.

The allocation of CARES Act funds resulted in over $2.2 billion to Colorado based on a per capita formula. The provisions within the legislation allows the State to retain 55 percent of the allocation or nearly $1.7 billion. Local governments with populations over 500,000 receive the remaining 45 percent. Within Colorado, there are five local governments that meet the population condition, including the City and County of Denver and Arapahoe, Adams, El Paso, and Jefferson counties.

Breakdown of Funding Received by the City

The allocation to Adams County is approximately $90.3 million, and the allocation to Jefferson County is approximately $101.7 million. In consideration of the impacts associated with this public health emergency, the elected and appointed leaders of both counties developed a plan to allocate a portion of the CARES Act funds to the municipalities. The plan to allocate a portion of the CARES Act funds for Adams and Jefferson counties to the municipalities is consistent with the allocation plan from the State of Colorado to the local governments with populations of 500,000 or greater. In the case of Jefferson County, the County will retain 55% of their approximate $101.7 million allocation and pass through the remaining 45% to the cities within their jurisdiction based on population. 

The City of Arvada has received the following allocations from each county:

County Allocation
Jefferson County $9,211,753.00
Adams County $242,993.00
Total allocation to the City $9,454,746.00


Our Focus

The City team has applied CARES Act funding in the following broad areas:

  • Providing enhanced financial and other support for Arvada businesses as discussed the Business Resiliency Task Force groups.
  • Providing financial support for nonprofit organizations that have been adversely impacted by the public health emergency, including human services agencies that provide rent, mortgage and utilities payment assistance, address food insecurity, support businesses, address the needs of youth and families and promote the arts and humanities in order to build community and neighborhood resilience.
  • Providing direct support to additional human services and housing needs.
  • Addressing the cost of the City’s response to the public health emergency, including the installation of equipment, completion of building modifications and resources to support work occurring in remote locations.

A summary of current spending within these focus areas:

Funding Focus Budget % of Budget Actual
Support for Businesses $5,727,000.00 60.57% $5,558,132.00
Internal City Use $1,306,246.00 13.82% $1,768,022.00
Support for Non-Profits $1,270,500.00 13.44% $1,262,311.00
Support for Housing and Human Services $1,151,000 12.17% $866,281.00
Totals $9,454,746.00 100% $9,454,746.00


Detailed Reporting

Detailed CARES Act Spending Budget Actual
Small Business Grants - Round #1 $2,800,000.00 $2,686,319.00
Small Business Grants - Round #2 $1,700,000.00 $1,709,500.00
PPE/Safety/City/Technology - COA $966,572.00 $819,178.00
Rent & Mortgage Relief $630,000.00 $574,818.00
PPE/Safety/Citizens $622,000.00 $562,262.00
Apex Park and Recreation District $431,000.00 $431,000.00
Arvada Chamber & Visitors Center Grants $430,000.00 $415,000.00
Homeless shelter (family & individual) $376,000.00 $277,711.00
Artist Relief Fund $250,000.00 $250,000.00
Hyland Hills $234,000.00 $234,000.00
Salary/Wages/Unemployment - COA $234,130.00 $311,546.00
Arvada Center $205,500.00 $205,500.00
Technology/Remote Working - COA $200,544.00 $76,756.00
Business Improvement District Grant $175,000.00 $185,051.00
Safety - COA $0.00 $560,542.00
Foothills Animal Shelter $100,000.00 $100,000.00
Arvada Fire Protection District $50,000.00 $41,811.00
Support Staff $50,000.00 $13,753.00
Totals $9,454,746.00 $9,454,746.00




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