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Backflow and Cross Connection Control Program

A cross connection is any point in a water distribution system where contaminants may come into contact with potable water. During a backflow event, these contaminants can be drawn or pushed back into the potable water system. A backflow prevention device/assembly installed at points where a cross-connection is likely, prevents contaminated water from entering the potable water distribution systems.

The Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations provide the authority for local cross-connection control programs. These regulations mandate public water suppliers to require installation of containment assemblies on all service connections that pose a potential health hazard to the public drinking water system.

State and local plumbing codes regulate backflow prevention requirements within buildings. In Colorado, state and local plumbing codes are based on national standards, such as the Uniform Plumbing Code and the International Plumbing Code.

The regulations and codes require all backflow prevention assemblies to be inspected and tested annually. This is to ensure that they are functioning properly.

The City of Arvada's Cross Connection Control Program Ordinance is currently being revised. Please call 720-898-7793 for more information regarding this Ordinance.