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Free Leaf Recycling

The 2019 Leaf Recycling Events have concluded. Thank you for all your participation!

In an effort to keep leaves out of the landfill and off of City streets where they can block storm drains, the City partners with Perma Green Organics to provide free leaf recycling each fall. All leaves collected will be naturally recycled through composting.

Drop Off Details (completed for 2019)

Two locations:

  • Stenger Soccer Complex (east entrance), 5675 Oak Street
  • Perma Green Organics, 5520 Harlan Street

Things to Know:

  • Bags must be emptied at the time of drop-off. 
  • The drop off is only for tree and bush leaves; no garden waste, large brush, branches, or tree stumps will be accepted. 
  • These drop-off sites are for Arvada residents to use during the specified hours of operation; they are not available for commercial landscaping businesses.  

Muni-Code Caution

Please do NOT sweep or blow leaves into the street

It is against municipal code to sweep/blow your leaves (or any other debris) into the streets. Not only do they find their way into our storm drains, but piles of leaves can cause damage to our street sweepers. Often times, trash and damaging debris end up hidden in leaf piles, and when a sweeper is damaged, the amount of sweeping we can achieve is reduced. Thank you in advance!

Leaf piles such as this can damage our street sweepers and impair our ability to keep our streets clean.leaves