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Residential Mechanical and Plumbing

Permits and inspections for residential replacements and installs of mechanical and plumbing appliances (i.e. water heater, furnace, air conditioner, etc.) are required to be approved and issued before work can be started. Applications can now be submitted through our online customer portal,

Guidelines for Submittal

Please review the table below for the permits available online and the license that is required to apply for the permit. The type of license that has been issued to your company will restrict the type of permit that you can apply for online, please review your license and contact the office if you have questions. Once you are ready to apply for your permit click on the green "Apply for Permit Now" below. Applications can also be made in person at Arvada City Hall 8101 Ralston Rd Arvada, CO 80002, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

At this time the online application is only available for contractors that have an active license with the City of Arvada, homeowners that wish to install these appliances will need to submit their application to the Building Inspection Division in City Hall.

 IMPORTANT** Upon inspection of new/replacement mechanical or plumbing equipment, if the inspector notes additional electrical work beyond the allowed disconnect/reconnect has been performed and this work was not included/stated in the permit, the inspection will be failed and a double fee will be assessed for electrical work performed without a permit. Please indicate all electrical work on your permit to avoid unnecessary delays and inconveniences to the homeowner.  If the scope of the work changes mid-project, please call our office to adjust the permit scope before calling for inspections.


Permit Types

Permit Type
Contractor's License Need
Furnace Residential Mechanical Mechanical
Air Conditioner Residential Mechanical Mechanical
Gas Log Fire Place Residential Mechanical Mechanical
Gas Line Residential Plumbing or Residential Mechanical Plumbing or Mechanical
Evaporative Cooler Residential Plumbing or Residential Mechanical Plumbing or Mechanical
Boiler/Hydronic Residential Plumbing or Residential Mechanical Plumbing or Mechanical
Water Heater-Domestic Residential Plumbing Plumbing
Lawn Sprinkler Residential Plumbing Plumbing
DWV/Water Line Interior Only Residential Plumbing Plumbing
Water Conditioner Residential Plumbing Plumbing
Backflow Device Backflow Device Plumbing

Online Application Process

The City of Arvada uses eTRAKiT for the Permit application process.


  eTRAKIT Application




Appliance Permit Fees
1 Appliance $50, Use Tax
2 or more appliances $75, Use Tax
Backflow Device $50, Use Tax

If you are a contractor that submits their Use Tax to the City of Arvada Sales Tax division, Use Tax will be removed from the permit after review by the Building Division staff, proof of Tax Exempt status will be requested during the application process.


Inspection Guidelines

Inspections are completed Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. excluding holidays. Inspections must be scheduled by 6:00 a.m. on the day of the desired inspection date. Someone 18 years or older needs to be available to allow access for the inspection. Once the inspections are completed you can review inspection results on or by calling the automated inspection line at 720-898-7630.

Water conditioner installation require proof of certificate from the State of Colorado if not installed by a Master Plumber.

Inspections Required
Permit Type
Inspection Type
Residential Mechanical Final Mechanical, Final Electrical*
Residential Plumbing Final Plumbing, Final Electrical*
Backflow Device Final Plumbing

Note: *If electrical work has been completed, other than a disconnect and reconnect, a Final Electrical Inspection must be scheduled before the permit can be closed. 

Closing the Permit

Once the required inspections are completed with an APPROVED or FINAL result, the permit will be finaled and considered closed. An email with the results and notice of permit closer will be sent to the e-mail that is on file. Inspection results and permit status can always be reviewed online at or by calling the automated inspection line at 720-898-7630.

Contact Information

  •  Main Telephone Number:
  •  Street Address:
    8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO 80002