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Small Cell Facilities - Wireless Communications

Small cell facilities and the technology it brings is arriving in Arvada. Small cells are installed and operated by private providers including: Verizon, AT&T, and Zayo on behalf of Sprint to continually improve and expand their network capacity and coverage. Legally, the City of Arvada cannot restrict the installation of the small cell sites. It is required by federal and state law that cities allow small cell facilities, like other utilities in the public right of way, which could include tree lawns next to streets and sidewalks. Small cell facilities are low-powered antennas that provide cellular and data coverage to smaller geographic areas. This supplements the larger cellular network and improves service for wireless customers.

small cell photo

The City does have the opportunity to oversee and give input on the installation of the sites, which it will do by entering into Individual Master License agreements with each provider. Once the agreement is reviewed and signed by City Council, then the provider is able to apply for permits for specific locations. Each small cell permit is reviewed by City staff for compliance of City adopted design guidelines.

Initially the facilities will meet current 4G technology, but will evolve to provide future 5G services and technology changes. If you would like to learn more about the safety of the facilities, visit FCC-Safety

Overall, if you have questions or would like to learn more contact the City of Arvada Planning Department at or 720-898-7435.

Small Cell FAQs

Download FAQs on small cell facilities. 

Below are the design guidelines and permit process for the installation of small cell communication facilities.

Before You Apply

As wireless providers, infrastructure owners or similar entities begin to consider deployment of new small cell networks within Arvada, the first step in that process shall be the execution of a Master License Agreement with the City of Arvada.  This agreement shall provide the overall framework for network deployment, permit approvals, and facility installations throughout the City.  If no Master License Agreement (MLA) has been completed, please contact our planning division at 720-898-7435 to get started.

Once the Master License Agreement has been completed, you can schedule a pre-submittal meeting with the planning to go over the proposed sites. This meeting is not required but we strongly suggest the meeting to help streamline your permit submittals. Please call 720-898-7435 to setup this meeting.

About This Permit Type

Small Cell permits include permits for Building and Right of Way access. Your submittal must include all of the required documents listed below, if documents are missing we will not accept your application. Each provider can submit permit applications in sets no greater than 10 applications at one time.

Submittal Process

All applications are completed online through our permitting system,  You will be required to upload your submittal documents at time of application. If documents are not attached, the application will be considered incomplete and will not be processed. We don't want to deny applications, so make sure to read below for application information.

When submitting the permits using eTRAKiT, please use SMALL CELL as the address. The City of Arvada will assign the address to the site after applications have been submitted.


  eTRAKIT Application


Review Timeline

Once an application has been accepted, staff review comments will be completed within 15 business days. Additional reviews by staff maybe required depending on the location of the submittal and the application.

Required Documents

Applications must included the following required documents. Depending on proposed location, additional documents may be required. Please download the required document checklist for complete information.


Fees for this permit type are for multiple processes. Each permit will pay fees for Right of Way, Building and Planning. It is important to include your small cell worksheet in your application documents. Below is a list of permit fees that will be charged on your permits. You can get an estimate on your fees at Please be aware that additional fees may apply and will be identified through the permitting process.

Fees for small cells
Fee Name Fee
Building Permit Fee (Table 18-1) Variable
Right of Way Fees Variable
Minor Modification $300
Use Tax Variable

  Fee Calculator




Once staff have reviewed the application and have approved it, the permit status will be updated to "APPROVED" and the applicant will receive an auto email. The applicant will then be required to pay all fees before the permit is issued.


For meter releases- The City of Arvada releases inspection information to Xcel Energy the day after the inspection is approved. Applicants are responsible for contacting Xcel Energy to complete the setup of the meter.

Inspections are completed daily, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All inspections must be scheduled through The applicant must schedule a final electrical inspection to receive a meter release from Xcel. If there is work (i.e. concrete, boring, pothole (test holes)) completed in the right of way, inspections must be scheduled and completed daily.

Closing the Permit

Once the required inspections are completed with a FINAL result, the permit will be finaled and considered closed. An email with the results and notice of permit closer will be sent to the e-mail that is on file. Inspection results and permit status can always be reviewed online at or by calling the automated inspection line at 720-898-7630.

Contact Information

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    8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO 80002