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Scheduling Inspections

This page will give eTRAKiT users step by step instructions for scheduling and canceling an inspection through eTRAKiT. Building inspections can also be scheduled using a telephone by calling 720-898-7630 and using a three-digit code.

Scheduling Inspections

Once permits have all fees paid and the permit status is "ISSUED", inspections can be scheduled. Requests for inspections can be submitted until 6 am on the desired inspection day. Please review inspection requirements before scheduling inspections, failure to meet all of the requirements will result in a failed or cancel inspection and an inspection fee maybe applied.

Step 1: Login to eTRAKiT at

Once logged in, you will see the permits that are eligible for inspection scheduling. If a fee has been assessed on the permit, inspections cannot be scheduled. Please pay all fees before you begin.

Permits that are eligible for inspections will show a "request" button on your user dashboard. Click "Request" to schedule inspections for that permit.

Step 1 for scheduling inspections through etrakit.


Step 2:  Enter Contact information and Inspection Notes

The contact information will auto populate based on the profile information, you can update this information if you need for the specific inspection. It is best to provide the inspector with the day of inspection contact information. You can add additional information about your inspection request in the "Notes" field.

IMPORTANT: Do not add information about access to the structure, i.e. garage codes, lock box code or key location. If you need to give that information for the inspection please contact 720-898-7620 to give that information to the front desk staff.

Step 2 inspections is to review your contact information


Step 3: Select Inspection Type and Date

Click to select the type of inspection. Please make sure to select the correct inspection, selecting the wrong inspection may result in a failed inspection. After you click to select your inspection type, click on the inspection date to select the desired date of inspection.

Select the Inspection Type:

Selecting the inspection type.


Select the Inspection Day:

Selecting the inspection date


Step 4: Add Inspection

Click "Add Inspection", the inspection will add to a list, you can repeat step 3 to add multiple inspections to the selected permit. 

The inspection is not scheduled until you have clicked "submit"!

Adding inspection


Step 5: Submit Inspection Request

After you have added all of the inspections on to this permit. Click "Submit" to complete your inspection request.

Click submit to final your inspection request


Review User Disclaimer and click "Accept"

User disclaimer


Once the inspection is scheduled you will be able to review it on the user dashboard and you will also get an email confirmation.

Inspection request on dashboard


Canceling Inspections

Step 1: Cancel Inspection

Inspections can be canceled until 6 am on the day of the scheduled inspection. Once logged into your account on navigate to "My Active Inspections". Click on the red X next to the desired inspection.

canceled inspection


Click "OK" to complete cancellation of inspection. After clicking "ok" the inspection will still show on "My Active Inspections" but there will not be a scheduled inspection date.

Click ok to confirm cancellation