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City Facilities Closed Monday May 29 In observance of Memorial Day, all City facilities will be closed on Monday, May...
Waste Hauling Service Delay Republic Services will experience a one day service delay the week of May 29 in observance of Memorial...
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Recovering Password

Users for can recover and reset their passwords through their profiles. Follow the steps below to recover and reset your password.

Step 1: Forgotten Password

If you forget your password, on the home screen there is a link for "Forgot Password" in the top right corner.

First step to reset your forgotten password at


Step 2: Select your Profile Type

If you are a Contractor that has a license with the CIty of Arvada, click to select "CONTRACTOR PASSWORD". Users that are not contractors should click to select "PUBLIC USER PASSWORD"

Select the type of profile that you regularly use on


Contractor Password:

To recover a password that is associated with the City of Arvada contractor license, enter in the City of Arvada license number. Click "SUBMIT". An email will be sent to the email that is on file with the City of Arvada, the email will contain the necessary information to log into Please see "Logging in as a Contractor" for steps on how to log in using your contractors license.

enter in the aec number for the city of arvada to recover your password for


Public User Password:

Users that are not contractors will use a public profile for logging into To recover your user information enter in the email add that would be associated with the account. Click "SUBMIT" to proceed. If the email is associated with an account, an email will be sent with the necessary information to reset your password. If no email is received, there is not an account associated with the email.

enter email to reset your public profile at