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Researching Permits

Historical permits and documentation is available by address on If the record does not show, then there is most likely not a permit on record. To view attachment information users must be logged into an account.

If you are looking for permits that maybe issued prior to 2013 please look for the PREH13 permit number associated with the address. Records will be in an attachment.

Step 1: Search for Permits

Click "Search Permit" located under permits.

This is the first step in researching permits at


Step 2: Enter Address

Enter the full address or part of the address. If the address does not generate any results try to enter only the numbers and then select the address for the list. Click Search to generate results.

Note: Addresses in Arvada use abbreviations without punctuation for street directions (N, W, E, S) and for Street Names (Pl, Ave, St). If you need to verify your address please use


Entering in address to search for a permit on





















Step 3: Select Permit

Once the list generates highlight the permit from the list and click. 

Selecting permit to review from




Step 4: Reviewing Permit Information

Information about the permit will be in multiple tabs on this screen. The overall permit status, dates of approval, issuance and final and attachments will show on the first Permit Info tab. The applicant information and contractor information will show on the Contacts tab. Information on inspections will be located on the Inspections tab. If the permit required reviews, the Reviews tab will have notes and comments from staff about the approval of the permit of the project. For permit information on records that were issued before 2013 you will need to review the permit type HISTORY. The records will be located in the attachments file.

Expanded information on the permit on