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Sign Code Regulations:

The rules and regulations for signs within the City of Arvada are found in the Arvada Land Development Code (LDC). Any sign that is visible from any street or adjacent property AND any sign that is larger than 32 square feet in area required a sign permit. 

What Restrictions are there for Signs?

  • Sign regulations are “content-neutral;” and do not restrict the message. 
  • There are four Sign Districts that correspond to Zoning Districts and specific locational characteristics of the site. 
    • Olde Town (OT)
    • Mixed-Use/Commercial/Industrial (MX/CI)
    • Multi-family Residential (RM)
    • and Single-Family Residential (RS) 
  • The regulations for signs are based on structure, materials, components and durability, lighting, number, height, area and dimensions, duration, location, and maintenance; 
  • Signs are defined as permanent signs - attached or detached and temporary signs -attached or detached with various types within each;
  • Some signs are exempt from permits but must comply with the sign regulations; 

How to Apply

Each sign needs a separate sign permit (wall signs separated by a distance of more than three feet shall be considered separate signs). Provide the following with the application:

  • For signs in Olde Town or Reno Park, you will first need to include a Certificate of Compliance with Design Guidelines (Apply through the Planning Department)​
  • Sign Elevation and Detail plan with measurements indicated
  • Plot Plan showing where on the property and/or the building where the sign/s will be located;
  • Signed letter of permission from property owner (form can be found under resources)

Is there electrical involved (including any internal or external lighting)?

  • If it is just a disconnect/reconnect then no electrical permit is required
  • If there is new wiring or a service change then an electrical permit is required and you need to complete the Sub-Contractor Application found in resources
  • Sign permits are issued within seven days after submittal of a complete application.


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    720-898-7435 (Planning)
  • Email:  (Planning questions)
  •  Street Address:
    8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO 80002