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Development Permits


A Development permit (DEV) is required for work in the right of way or easement for any development in the City of Arvada that has been approved by the Development Engineer for construction. This permit will be issued once we have signed construction plans, an escrow or letter of credit (LOC) for the public improvements, appropriate reports and a Project Coordination Meeting has been held. This permit will include applicable public improvement types and quantities according to the signed construction plans. These types of improvements can include wet utilities, flatwork, asphalt patching, paving, overlay, subbase, subgrade, milling, street degradation fees, public signs, striping, pavement markings, etc. The permit application will be created by the City of Arvada Warranty team and emailed to the developer/general contractor once you have met the above requirements.

Escrow or Letter of Credit

Escrow or Letter of Credit (LOC):  Developers are required to provide an escrow in the amount of 100% of the estimated cost of public improvements via cash or letter of credit. When the developer successfully completes the public improvements and initial warranty is initiated, the City will retain 20% of the certified construction costs and release the remainder of the escrow back to the developer. The City will retain 20% of the certified construction cost of public improvements to ensure that the public improvement meets the City standards through the warranty period.

Project Coordination Meeting

Before permits will be issued:

  • All interested parties must attend a Project Coordination Meeting. This ensures you have the information on how the City will interact with you and/or your Municipal General Contractor to make the inspections and warranty process run smoothly. The Permit Coordinator will schedule this meeting for you once we have received signed construction plans, an approved escrow or letter of credit and the appropriate reports (traffic study, soils/geotech report, final utility report and final drainage report). *Please note, these meetings will only be held on Thursday mornings between the hours of 8am and 12pm and must be scheduled 5 business days ahead of time.

How do I apply for these permits

The permit application will be created by the City of Arvada Permit Coordinator and emailed to the developer/general contractor once we have signed civil construction plans, an approved escrow or letter of credit (LOC) and a Project Coordination Meeting has been held. The completed application (which must include job value for collection of sales and use tax, see below for more information) will need to be signed by the developer/general contractor that carries an active Municipal General Contractor license and submitted back to If the developer and the general contractor are different a General Contractor sign on form will also need to be submitted. Permit applications must be accompanied by a traffic control plan where necessary to complete the work. Also, if CDOT permits are required, these must be submitted with your application.


The permit fees will be assessed according to the current adopted right of way fee schedule.​ These fees will also include sales and use tax collected off of the job value associated with these public improvements

How do I pay for these permits

Once approved, you will be notified by email that the permit is ready for payment. This permit can be paid for by logging into your AEC account at Once the permit fees have been paid, your permit status will be set to issued and inspections can be scheduled.

 - Additional Information -

Sales and Use Tax 

In order to efficiently serve our community the City of Arvada Engineering Division started collecting use tax on every right-of-way permit at the time of permit issuance in 2019. This change simplifies the tax payment process for both contractors and the City as taxes will be collected up front instead of after the project has been completed. These fees are calculated on the job value provided on your application. The contractor/developer is subject to audits on these taxes. Once the permit is issued, please use the permit when purchasing goods and materials for your project. If you are an Arvada Business License holder you can submit your Business license number for quarterly reporting. If the project is tax exempt, you will need to include your project specific tax exempt form along with your application.


Inspections are completed on a daily basis Monday through Friday between 8am and 3pm, and must be scheduled online by 6 a.m. of the desired day of inspection. To schedule inspections please visit and login with your Arvada Contractor license (AEC #) and password.

     *Special Inspection Requests:

Work that will be inspected during non-city business hours needs to be requested and approved. Please send your inspection requests to at least 1 business day prior to your desired work date.


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