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Contacts and F.A.Q.s

If you need help during the Development Review process, the following departments, divisions, and partners are here to assist you.




Planning & Development


  • Development review process

  • Lot and Building Standards

  • Architectural Design

  • Landscaping




  • Right-of-way construction

  • Civil design including water and wastewater facilities, stormwater infrastructure and roadway design

  • Utility availability and extension requirements

  • Stormwater quality requirements

  • Erosion and sediment control

Traffic Engineering


  • Level of traffic analysis required

  • Roadway access, site circulation, parking and other transportation issues

  • The need to hire a transportation consultant to produce a technical report



  • Potable water quality requirements

  • Location of existing water, storm, and sanitary sewer main lines

  • Fees for water and sewer service connections.

Building Inspection


  • Building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing permits

  • Plan reviews and building inspections

  • Building permit fees and adopted codes

Arvada Fire Protection District 303-424-3012
  • Emergency and fire access requirements

  • Hydrant locations

  • Adopted International Fire Code with amendments

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Submit Documents to Multiple Departments or People?

No! You will have one primary point of contact (your designated planner) and will submit everything online through eTRAKiT. You will be guided through the process.

How Long Does the Development Review Process Take?

It depends on your project(s), responsiveness, and a few other factors. Typically, from start to finish, development review takes 18 to 30 weeks (not including pre-application or neighborhood meetings).

Who is My Contact During My Development Review?

Your designated planner. You will have access to representatives from multiple City departments, but will have a planner assigned to your review to help you navigate the process. Should the need arise, the Director of Community and Economic Development will also be available to you.

Which Laws Should I Know?

It depends on your development, but in general you should be familiar with the City’s Land Development Code (LDC) and Engineering Code of Standards and Specifications.

I Have Multiple Development Projects in the City of Arvada. Can I Submit Them at the Same Time?

Yes. Each project (not developer) undergoes an individual development review process.