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New Commercial Buildings, Commercial Additions and Multi-Family

Landscape inspections will be required to be completed before Certificate of Occupancy will be issued. More information below.

This online handbook will help you with the common process for applying and obtaining permits for new commercial buildings and additions.

If your project is currently in the Development Process with the City of Arvada your permit will not be approved until the Final Development Process is completed.

Getting Started

Review the list of required documents and steps below before beginning the application process.  Once you are ready to apply, you will login to our permitting system,, enter the required information and upload .pdf plans and related documents to your application.  


  eTRAKIT Application




Who Can Do the Work?

Commercial permits are issued to Licensed Contractors. To ensure your permit is issued in a timely manner please make sure to submit all of your subcontractors, permits without sub-contractors listed will be placed into a hold. Please review contractor qualifications and download applications before applying for permits.

Review Timelines

The City of Arvada is committed to providing plan reviews within our timelines, however, workload of the current development environment in the City of Arvada can affect these timelines. Complete submittals help will assist with keeping within this timeframe. If your application package is incomplete your project may not be accepted.



Commercial & Multi-Family

Review Process

Tenant Finish

1 - 100 Sheets


Staff review for code compliance

4 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

Customer review and code corrections

2 weeks

2 weeks

4 weeks

Staff review for code compliance

2 weeks

2 weeks

4 weeks

Total number of business days




Total number of weeks





Fees are charged based on the over job contract value or on the square footage. You can get an estimate on your fees at Please be aware that additional fees may apply and will be identified through the permitting process.

Fee Name Fee
Building Permit Fee (Table 18-1) Variable
Use Tax Variable
Plan Review Fee 65% of Permit Fee
If being completed on the project:
Plumbing Variable
Mechanical Variable
Electric Variable


  Fee Calculator


Required Submittal Documents

Permit applications must be submitted with the correct documentation. Applications that are submitted without the proper documentation will not be accepted. If you have questions about items that are required please contact us at


Permit Issuance and Inspections

Once the permit application has been reviewed and approved by Building Inspections, Planning and Engineering the permit will be ready for issuance. All fees must be paid and the applicant must download the proper permit documents to have available on site. Fees can be paid online using a credit card, if other type of payment is requested, please visit the building inspections office to make a payment.

Field Documents

All projects are required to have the following City of Arvada approved documents on site. All approved plan sets can be downloaded on and can be made available either in a physical paper copy or as an electronic copy, unless noted otherwise.

  1. Plan Set Approved (Electronic or physical)
  2. Inspection Sign Off Sheet (Physical copy)
  3. Permit (Physical copy)


Depending on the scope of your project, various inspections are required throughout the duration of construction.  Third party inspection companies typically perform all foundation inspections and special inspections required in accordance with the International Building Code.  City building department staff perform the remaining structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and building inspections.   
Separate permits and inspections are required for public improvements, right of way work, utility connections, and fire system installation.  These are provided by the City Engineering Department, special districts providing utility services (if the area is not served by a city owned utility), health department, and the Fire District serving the property, respectively.

Certificate of Occupancy

No space or structure shall be occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy has been obtained from the City Building Department.  All final inspections must be performed and approved by City building inspectors.  In addition approval by all development related departments within the City including Planning, Engineering, Traffic, and Utilities and related Special Districts including the Fire Department and Public Health Department (for restaurants) must be obtained with proof provided to the Building Department. 


An Improvement Location Certificate and Final Grading Plan, including impervious surface, special inspection reports, foundation inspection reports, backflow test reports, mechanical balance reports, Landscape Inspection, and any other project specific certifications or documentation must be provided before the Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.


All commercial projects in the City of Arvada require a Certificate of Occupancy to be issued before occupancy can occur.

  1. All final inspections are completed. Final Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing. CO-Public Improvement.

  2. Test and proof of compliance for Emergency Responder Radio Coverage.

  3. Tap fees have been paid in full. If you pay with non-certified funds you will have a two week wait before the sign off can be complete.

  4. Landscape Inspection: Developers (or builders) are required to construct landscape improvements consistent with approved landscape plans prior to receiving a Certificate of Occupancy. After landscape construction is completed, developers (or builders) must provide landscape inspection by a licensed Landscape Architect (or a representative of the licensed Landscape Architect) who will certify that required landscape improvements are complete. Proof of inspection must be completed and uploaded to the permit through

  5. Request C.O. through, five days before desired issue date.

  6. Review permit reviews on to make sure all of the reviews are completed and approved by the following departments:

    • Engineering

    • Planning

    • Utility Billing

    • Fire Department

    • Building Inspection