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Club Crest Pedestrian Bridges Update

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NOTE OF CAUTION: Please obey all barricades and fencing in the bridge areas as these are in place for everyone's safety. 

There are five pedestrian bridges located in the greater Club Crest neighborhood. The bridges, installed 45 years ago, span private property, public property and ditch company property. Three of them are in need of replacement. Because the bridges cross over canals/ditches that must be dry during construction, the timing of the bridge replacement is complicated. We will update the webpage on the timing of these replacements as information becomes available.

Update: March 2018

Club Crest Bridge/Trail Over Church Ditch Closedchurch ranch bridge

The Club Crest bridge replacement has begun and will continue over the next two months. Access to the trail connection from Garland Street near W. 75th Ave. will be closed during construction. Trail users heading west from Robby Ferrufino Park will still be able to access W. 75th Way from the trail along a dirt path, not along the concrete trail.  


Farmers High Line Canal Bridge Closhigh line canaled

The Farmers High Line Canal Bridge has been closed since October. Arvada City Council has awarded the contract for the new design and construction will begin the week of March 5, 2018. The goal is to complete the bridge removal/canal improvements before the ditch begins to run water on April 1. If the work cannot be completed in that time frame, the trail will remain closed until Fall when the ditch ceases running water and construction can resume. 


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