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Police Salary & Benefits

Looking for the Arvada Police Jobs main page? Visit Arvada Police Jobs.

Salary Range

  • Police Officer: Candidates with prior law enforcement experience may be hired at a level within the range pursuant to lateral entry guidelines.
  • Police Recruit II: $4740.28/per month.
  • Police Recruit I: $4593.71/per month.

Non-certified applicants are hired as Police Recruits until successful completion of the academy and the Colorado P.O.S.T Examination. 


  • Vacation Accrual (sworn)
    • 1-4 years: 9.33 hours/month (max accrual 224 hours)
    • 5-9 years: 10.66 hours/month (max accrual 256 hours)
    • 10-14 years: 12.66 hours/month (max accrual 304 hours)
    • 15 + years: 14.66 hours /month (max accrual 352 hours)
  • Holidays - 96 hours per calendar year
  • Shift Differential - Officers receive shift-differential pay of
    • 1% for swing shift

    • 2% for graveyard shift 

  • On-call Pay - Officers receive on-call compensation for special assignments, whether they are actually called in or not.
  • Overtime Pay - Overtime is paid at 1 1/2 times an officers'  current salary. 
  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance - The city offers two health plans.  Single and family coverage are available. Dental and Vision insurance are also available.
  • Recruit Salary - Police Recruits receive a salary and are eligible for city benefits while at the Police Academy. 
  • Retirement - The retirement system for police officers is a self-directed money purchase plan. The city matches the officer's contribution to the plan at 12 percent.
  • Sick Leave - Sick leave accrued at 8 hours/month with a max accrual of 1040 hours. 
  • Work Hours - 10-hour/4 day work week (Patrol and Investigations); 8-hour/5 day work week (Administration).
  • Uniform - The City provides uniforms for its police officers, including footwear and body armor.  Officers are esponsible for the purchase and maintenance of their service weapon.
  • Dry Cleaning Services - Paid by the city for sworn officers and uniformed civilian employees.