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Pre-Employment Polygraph Information

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All candidates for employment with the Arvada Police Department are required to submit to a pre-employment polygraph. Below is a list of areas that will be explored during the polygraph.

  1. Complete disclosure of all information pertinent to employment with the Arvada Police Department. This includes application, credentials, employment history, and references.
  2. Information pertinent to past employment, including dates, positions held, reasons for separation, and misconduct while employed.
  3. Military service record.
  4. Driving history.
  5. Criminal activity, including illegal drug use within the last 5 years.
  6. Financial difficulties, including excessive debts, bad checks, foreclosures, garnishments.
  7. Perjury or fraud, including falsifying company records, falsifying police reports or other governmental records, accepting bribes or gratuities.
  8. Any misconduct as a police officer, including criminal activity, damage to property, abuse of authority, excessive force.
  9. Any activity that would compromise the Police Department or allow you to be blackmailed.
  10. Any other information pertinent to your employment with the Arvada Police Department.