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Court Ordered Classes

If you have been sentenced to complete a class, you can find information about those classes here. 

Institute for Specialized Alternative Education (I.S.A.E.)

Offers classes to YOUTH including: Teens and Tobacco, Petty Theft, Violence is Preventable, Violence Intervention, Discovering Better Choices, Young Offenders, Female Offenders. Visit for more information.

National Corrective Training Institute (N.C.T.I.)

Offers classes to ADULTS including: Responsible Driver, Aggressive Driver, Road Rage, Petty Theft, Conflict Management, Anger Management, Animal Management. Visit for more information.

National Institute for Change

Offers Youth and Adult therapeutic services and one-day classes. Visit for more information.

Youth Drug & Alcohol Prevention (Y-DAP)

First-time YOUTH offenders with a drug or alcohol citation may be required to attend this program.  Visit for more information.