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Boards, Commissions, and Committees

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The recruitment period for Boards and Commissions occurs each December through January. If you are interested in serving on a Board or commission, please check back in early December for information on all vacancies, requirements for each position and the appropriate applications. To learn more about each committee, visit the designated webpages listed here.

Arvada's Citizen Boards and Commissions

Arvada's citizen-appointed boards and commissions have been established for the purpose of acquiring and studying information in specific areas and to make recommendations to the City Council and staff on issues within the board's area of expertise. Some boards are quasi-judicial and have decision-making powers within their areas of expertise and some are advisory boards.The City relies heavily on citizen volunteers to study special community issues, provide staff direction, obtain public comment on key projects and take action or offer recommendations to City Council on any number of matters. These groups are the community's voice, influencing public policy and decisions that impact the entire City.

Detailed information for each board, commission or committee is available using the link to each. You will also find contact information for the appropriate staff member who can help answer questions.

Citizens are limited to 10 – 12 years of service per board or committee. Applicants are considered for appointment regardless of race, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability. Most of the boards and commissions require you to be a resident of the City of Arvada.

Thank you for your interest in serving the Arvada community.


For general information on serving, contact the City Clerk's Office at 720-898-7550. For specific information on each committee, visit the webpage associated with that committee. Contact information is provided on each page.