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Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Why Join a Board or Commission?

Serving on a City of Arvada board or commission is a more involved opportunity to engage with the City and perform a valuable public service, to contribute your time and talents to the Arvada community, to help in decision-making processes that affect the quality of life in Arvada. The City relies heavily on citizen volunteers to study special community issues, provide staff direction, obtain public comment on key projects and take action or offer recommendations to City Council on any number of matters.

Boards and Commissions FAQs

Tell me more about boards and commissions

Arvada's citizen-appointed boards and commissions acquire and study information in specific areas and make recommendations to the City Council and staff on issues within the board's area of expertise. Some boards are quasi-judicial and have decision-making powers within their areas of expertise and some are advisory boards.

The City of Arvada currently has 14 standing boards, commissions and authorities consisting of approximately 130 volunteer members. Each board and commission is supported by a staff liaison. The City Clerk's Office coordinates the recruitment and appointment process for all boards and commissions.

What is the process timeline?

  • Recruitment for the annual appointments begins each December.
  • Applications are due mid-January.
  • Selected Board applicants are interviewed by Arvada City Council in late February. 
  • Board appointments are made in March.
  • Appointments are announced in April.
  • Service on boards begins in May.

Can I apply to more than one board or commission?

You may apply for up to three boards or commissions. A separate application is required for each board.

Can I serve on more than one board or commission?

No person shall be allowed to serve on more than one board or commission.

What time commitment is expected of a board member?

Time commitment varies depending on the board or commission. Most board and commissions meet quarterly, while others meet monthly or semi-annually. Additionally, board members must be able to dedicate time outside of meetings to do reading, research, etc.

What are the terms for members serving on a board or commission?

The terms for the boards and commissions vary but most are three or four years, with a maximum of 10 to 12 years allowed.

Where/how do I apply?

The application process for 2023 has ended. Please check back December 2023 for the 2024 recruitment. 

General Contact Information

For general information on serving, contact the City Clerk's Office at 720-898-7550.