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Social Media

Social media has become an important way for the City of Arvada to engage our public. We've put together this page to give you a sample of some of the things we're doing online. We hope you'll visit our social media sites and connect with us there!


RSS Feeds

Stay connected with the City of Arvada by subscribing to one or more of our RSS feeds.

Arvada News

  •  News and Press Releases 
    Our most popular and recommended feed! If you want to stay informed about City and Public Safety news, you can subscribe to all News and Press Releases. 
  •  Featured News Articles 
    If you're just looking for featured content, our featured news stream is for you.
  •  News and Informational Updates
    To following everything from the City, including updates to informational pages and news articles, the News and Info feed is for you. Please note that this feed will include "not news" articles; anytime we update anything, you will see it in your feed. 

News from the City and AEDA

If you would like to keep up with both the City and AEDA, you can subscribe to our all-in-one feeds. This will help you to find out about everything from community events and police news to business announcements. You can also subscribe to AEDA's RSS feeds directly on