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Water And Sewer Ask Arvada

Report a Sewer Problem

Sewer Odor

If you experience sewer odor problems in your house, pour two to three gallons of water slowly down the floor drain in the basement. This will refill the P-trap which is intended to block sewer odors from entering the house from the service line. Open windows to vent the effected area. If the odor does not dissipate within several hours, please contact us or submit a service request.

Sewer Line Service 

The sanitary sewer service line is the responsibility of the property owner up to and including the connection to the city-owned main sewer main. The Wastewater Division will locate service connections at the City main line. If your sewer backs up and will not drain, call the City of Arvada first -- City Wastewater Division personnel will respond promptly to determine if the City's sewer main is the cause of the sewer backup.  Our response time to your call is generally within an hour.

Storm Sewer Conditions

The following conditions are considered an emergency:

  • Your street is flooded due to clogged storm drains 
  • A water pipe is broken and water is running out into the street
  • Paint, oil, swimming pool water, or other types of hazardous waste are being dumped or washed into the gutter or storm drain
  • A manhole cover is missing or not sitting correctly on the opening.
  • Tall foam in the water that has a perfume smell and does not easily break apart.
Reporting These Issues 
Ask Arvada is not monitored 24/7. If you are reporting an emergency sewer issue, please call us. 
  • Business Hours: Call 720-898-7770 weekdays 7:00am and 3:30pm
  • After Hours: Call 720-898-7820 all other times 
To report a non-emergency sewer issue, please submit a service request.



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Ask Arvada is not monitored 24/7. If you are experiencing a safety, medical, or other emergency, dial 911 on your phone. Do not submit a service request. For non-emergency public safety issues, call 720-898-6900.