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  • Lake Arbor Dredging - Watercraft and technical staff may be present on and near Lake Arbor. Their work is related to this project.  Project Overview The City has engaged a
  • Flushing Water Mains - Flushing water mains helps maintain water quality
  • Water and Sewer - The City of Arvada treats and delivers over 6.2 billion gallons of water annually to residents of Arvada via 531 miles of water lines, two water treatmen
  • Sewer Line Inspections - The City of Arvada’s Wastewater Division continually strives to maintain a trouble-free wastewater collection system to the service and benefit of all of our citizens. In recent weeks, crews hav
  • Water Activities - From swimming lessons to fishing, there are many water activities to enjoy in Arvada. Boating, fishing, and the splashpad provide fun summer activities.