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  • Water Conservation - Reducing water consumption is a very cost-effective method of helping to match a municipality’s water supply to its projected build-out demand. The efficient use of water helps to ensure the cit
  • Fluoride - City of Arvada voters approved a community fluoride program in 1967. The City’s Ralston Water Treatment Plant was designed to use liquid fluorosilicic acid to deliver the supplemental fluoride.
  • Lake Arbor Dredging - Watercraft and technical staff may be present on and near Lake Arbor. Their work is related to this project.  Project Overview The City has engaged a
  • Sewer and Water Service Installations or Repairs in Yard Only - Permits and inspections are required for residential and commercial roof replacement allowing building department staff to verify your project meets the minimum building code requirements. Re-Roofing
  • Concerned About Higher than Normal Water Bill? - The City has received a number of phone calls and emails from water customers concerned about higher than normal water bills received in the latest billing cycle