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Memorial Park Parking Lot Work 6/23 & 24 Sections of Memorial Park parking lots and City facilities parking lots will be closed for work June...
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  • Water Quality Report - the City of Arvada’s Water System Operations Staff work hard to ensure that drinking water flows to Arvada taps every day.
  • Stormwater (Waterways) - What is Stormwater? Stormwater is water that flows across the land and into Arvada's streams, lakes, ditches and canals. When it rains or snows, debris, sediment, bacteria and nutri
  • Our Waterways: How Can You Help? - Residents, civic groups, and businesses can help improve our waterways and environment through volunteering.
  • Pay My Water Bill - The City offers several payment methods for paying your water bill
  • Arvada Watering Guidelines and Restrictions - There are no watering restrictions in place for 2018; however, the City does recommend watering guidelines