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  • Olde Town Water Fountain - Olde Town Water Fountain 2020 opening delayed
  • Water Activities - From swimming lessons to fishing, there are many water activities to enjoy in Arvada. Boating, fishing, and the splashpad provide fun summer activities.
  • Water-Wise Landscape Seminars - Water-Wise Landscape Seminars now available to Arvada residents.
  • Stormwater (Waterways) - What is Stormwater? Stormwater is water that flows across the land and into Arvada's streams, lakes, ditches and canals. When it rains or snows, debris, sediment, bacteria and nutri
  • Water Conservation - Reducing water consumption is a very cost-effective method of helping to match a municipality‚Äôs water supply to its projected build-out demand. The efficient use of water helps to ensure the cit