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  • Arvada Watering Guidelines and Restrictions - Recommended watering guidelines for Arvada.
  • Water-Wise Landscape Seminars - Water-Wise Landscape Seminars now available to Arvada residents.
  • Sidewalk Chase Drains - Residents may occasionally witness water from a planned system of drainage easements and swales flowing across sidewalks after rainstorms or during rapid snow melt events. This is the proper method
  • 2020 PFAS Water Sampling Project - In an effort to be proactive, the City of Arvada recently conducted voluntary testing for a group of unregulated chemicals scientifically known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS. These ch
  • Harmful Algae - There have been multiple news reports of toxic blue-green algae in lakes and ponds in the front range. Blue-green algae is common in Colorado. Hot weather and slow moving water such as in lakes and po