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Illegal Dumping and Spills

Protecting Arvada's streams from illegal dumping is critical to maintaining a healthy environment. Accidental spills and illegal dumping should be addressed as soon as possible.

Here is a list of ways to handle spills or illegal dumping:

  • Call 911:
    • For accidental hazardous spills such as chemicals, oil, or gas.
    • If you witness illegal dumping of hazardous materials. 
  • Call 720-898-7820 for:
    • Nonhazardous spills.
    • Foam* in streams that is more than a few inches high and has a perfume scent.
  • Kitty litter or other absorbent can be helpful in cleaning up small spills, but the absorbent must be swept up and disposed of in the trash. 

*Some foam or suds in the stream is natural, especially as snowmelt runoff occurs in the spring accumulating along shorelines and river banks, and in coves and eddies. Foam from silt or erosion is usually a dirty brown color amd smells like fish or earth. In contrast, foam from detergent will have a noticeable perfume smell. Natural foam is often seen in early morning and is usually gone by midday.

If you have specific questions about dumping, please submit a service request.  

This information was brought to you by the Utilities Department.   

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