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Sewer Service Line Maintenance

As tree roots and cooking grease are the leading cause of service line blockages, we encourage homeowners who know they have a root problem to have their service line cut on a routine basis. There are products on the market that help to minimize root intrusion intended for residential use.  These products can be purchased at many local hardware stores. The use of any product containing copper sulfate is discouraged.   The City also strongly discourages the dumping of any excess cooking grease or fats down any drain or toilet.  These fats will coagulate in the service line and eventually lead to a blockage.  Throw food wastes in the trash, not down the garbage disposal as this can add to the likelihood of a blockage as well.  In addition, do not flush items such as disposable rags, wipes or feminine hygiene products down the toilet. These items do not dissolve as toilet paper does, and ultimately can bind up sewer pumps and cause blockages in the system.

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