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  • Delta Sector - Delta Sector is roughly bordered by W. 96th to W. 72nd Avenues, and Kipling Avenue to the mouth of Coal Creek Canyon.
  • Sector Policing  - Sector policing lets officers be an integral part of the community they serve. Find out about sector policing in Arvada, locate your sector, and more!
  • Arvada PD Shred-A-Thon - Dispose of your personal documents safely.
  • Order a Police Report - Ordering reports online: Order a crime report, a police dispatch CD or a police photo online using a two-step process. Fees required.
  • Baker Sector - Greetings, My name is Drew Williams. I have currently been assigned as the Commander for Baker Sector. I have worked as a police officer for fifteen years and have been employed by the Arvada Police