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Pavilion Rentals/Alcohol Permits

The City of Arvada Parks Department offers 12 picnic pavilions and one open park picnic area for rent to the public.  Rental fees depend on the venue; a full refundable damage and/or littering deposit are required when a pavilion or a park area is rented.  However, if an alcohol permit is requested, the damage deposit increases to $100.

Reservation Fees for Pavilions: 

  • Allen House Pavilion; $60. 
  • Fire Fighters Pavilion; $50. 
  • Lake Arbor Pavilion; $50. 
  • McIlvoy Pavilion; $150. 
  • Mechelen Pavilion (Memorial Park); $60. 
  • Oak Pavilion; $30. 
  • Oak Park (open space, no pavilion); $25. 
  • Quaker Acres Pavilion; $60. 
  • Robby Ferrufino Pavilion; $50. 
  • Sunrise Ridge Pavilion; $60. 
  • Tennyson Knolls Pavilion; $50. 
  • Wolff Park Pavilion; $60. 

The law in Arvada is NO alcoholic beverages in any park, with the exception of the Allen House Pavilion, McIlvoy Pavilion, Mechelen Pavilion, Oak Park, and Oak Pavilion.  This allowance is for 3.2% beer only.  If you choose to have 3.2% beer, you will be required to apply for the appropriate Alcohol Beverage Permit and pay a $15 processing fee.  In addition, a $100 Damage Deposit will be required in a separate check.  Please note that the provision of restrooms does not constitute part of any park or pavilion rental agreement.  Reservations are made on a first come/first served basis and must be made in person at the parks office at 7800 W. 62nd Avenue in Arvada.  You may submit a service request if you would like further information or you may call the Parks Department at 720-898-7410.

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