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  • Skateboard Parks - The City of Arvada is home to two skate parks; one is the third largest in the country
  • Park Pavilion Rentals in Arvada - The Arvada Parks Department offers 10 picnic pavilions for rent between June 7 and September 30, 2020. All offer picnic tables, benches and charcoal grills. Restrooms are not provided in any of our parks or pavilions.
  • Special Event Permits - Do You Need a Special Event Permit? What are the Time and Fee Requirements? Find out about permits for Olde Town, Races, Public Parks, and more.
  • Arvada Park Advisory Committee - Prioritizes and makes recommendations to the City Council on projects for parks, open space and trails; works with the
  • Arvada Golf Advisory Committee - The Arvada Golf Advisory Committee advises and assists the Arvada City Council and Department of Parks, Golf and Hospitality on matters pertaining to golf, the Citys