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Stormwater Utility

Since January 2002, residents and businesses within the city limits of Arvada have been required to pay a Stormwater Utility fee.  This fee funds the necessary programs under the federally-mandated Stormwater Permit, to address or clean-up potential pollution before stormwater carries it to streams.  This improves the quality of water in area lakes and streams.   In addition, the Stormwater Utility funds flood control projects and the maintenance of the City's storm sewer system.  The fee is based upon the impervious area of every lot, rooftops and concrete, at a rate of $3.04 per 1,000 square feet every other month.  If you have questions about your Stormwater Utility charge, call 720-898-7807 or submit a service request to ask specific questions. 

Some foam or suds in the stream is natural, especially as snowmelt runoff occurs in the spring. When aquatic organisms, such as algae, die and begin to decompose, fatty acids are produced. These fatty acids are very similar to those found in common soap products. Aeration of the water as it cascades over rocks causes the fatty acids to form foam, often accumulating along shorelines and river banks, and in coves and eddies.

Foam is generally white in color, breaks down relatively quickly, and smells like fish or earth. Foam from silt or erosion is usually a dirty brown color. In contrast, foam from detergent will have a noticeable perfume smell from the additives which give your wash a fragrant scent. Natural foam is often seen in early morning and is usually gone by midday.

If you see foam in the stream that is more than a few inches high, looks like bubble bath, has a perfume scent and doesn't break apart easily, detergent may be in the stream.  If so, please notify the Stormwater Division at 720-898-7807 for further investigation, or
720-898-7820 during non-business hours.

This information was brought to you by the Utilities Department.   

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