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Smoke Detector Program

The Arvada Fire Protection District provides free smoke alarms as a public service in the interest of promoting safety for residents that live inside the Arvada Fire Protection District. One smoke alarm per household will be provided for families that are unable to provide or install a smoke alarm themselves. Upon receiving a request for a smoke alarm, Arvada Fire personnel will install a smoke alarm in the resident's home at no cost to them. The Arvada Fire Protection District recommends that smoke alarms be placed on each level of the home, in all bedrooms and outside of all sleeping areas. Smoke alarms should be tested regularly and maintained to ensure that they will operate properly. Be sure to change the batteries in all smoke alarms once a year unless the smoke alarm has a 10-year lithium battery. Carbon monoxide detectors are also recommended, so that families will know if carbon monoxide gases are accumulating in their home. These harmful gasses can result from having a faulty furnace or water heater. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed on each level of the home. To receive a free smoke alarm, or to obtain additional information about smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, please call the Arvada Fire Protection District during normal business hours at (303) 424-3012.

This information was brought to you by the Arvada Fire Protection District.

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