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Fire Department

The Arvada Fire Protection District is an independent governmental entity serving the City of Arvada. The Arvada Fire Protection District serves the City of Arvada through an intergovernmental agreement for fire, emergency medical services and hazardous material mitigation. The Arvada Fire Protection District also serves a significant portion of the City of Wheat Ridge and parts of unincorporated Jefferson County.

A five member elected Board of Director's that has direct approval of the budget and related Fire District policy decisions governs the District. The Board members are elected on a staggered election time frame serving four-year terms.

The Arvada Fire Protection District is supported by a 9.48 mill levy on residential and commercial property. The district has 8-staffed fire stations with two additional stations planned for the future.

The Arvada Fire Protection District is a combination department that employs nearly 200 paid career personnel and includes additional reserve members. The district provides its own dispatching through a 911 system.

Additional information can be obtained through the Arvada Fire Protection District's web site at

This information was brought to you by the Arvada Fire Protection District.

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