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Terror Threats

Take control with some actions to prepare for any type of disaster or emergency.

Plan: Develop a disaster plan for your family. Identify a rally point if your family gets separated. Identify an out-of-state contact for each member of your family to notify of their situation and status after an emergency. Prepare a box or backpack with basic supplies for a 72-hour period: water, nonperishable foods, flashlight, battery-operated radio, extra batteries, blankets, and a first-aid kit. Know the emergency procedures at your child's school. Know where fire exits, emergency exits, staircases, and extinguishers are. Practice emergency evacuation procedures. Get to know your neighbors and what their needs areâ (elderly or handicapped). Be alert and be aware of your surroundings• Take precautions when traveling • Don't accept packages from strangers• Don't leave luggage unattended• Think ahead about how to evacuate a building, subway, or congested public area in a hurry• Report suspicious activities Don't panic! Follow your emergency plan. Check for and treat injuries. You can find First Aid tips in the white pages of your telephone book. Check for damage, fires, gas leaks, and other hazards using a flashlight. Don't light matches or candles. Don't turn on electrical switches. Sparks could cause an explosion. Check on your neighbors. Call your family contact. Stay informed by listening to a battery-operated radio, and follow instructions issued by authorities. Don't call 911 unless you have a life and death emergency Visit the Emergency Preparedness link under Health & Safety at for more detailed information on this or other emergency preparedness topics.  More information about Colorado hazards can also be found at the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Office of Emergency Management.

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