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Emergency 72-hour kit

Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they may not be able to reach everyone immediately.  Help should arrive in hours but, in some disasters, it may take days. Basic services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment and telephones may be cut off for days or longer. Also, you may have to evacuate at a moment's notice and take essentials with you. Previous disasters have shown us that services are usually restored in about three days or 72-hours.  This is where the idea of 72-hour disaster supply kits came from.  A disaster supply kit should contain a three day supply of food and water, a flashlight, radio, and other supplies.  Each member of your family needs a 72-hour kit and they should be ready to "grab and go" in case you have to leave your home quickly because of a disaster such as a fire or flash flood. View information if you would like to build a kit yourself.   Also, many vendors sell ready made 72-hour kits.  One very good source is the originator of the 72-hour kit preparedness idea, is the American Red Cross.

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