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Emergency Preparation

Planning for disasters and emergencies is a cooperative effort taken very seriously by your local government officials.  In different situations, different actions are required, such as evacuation for chemical spills, at home shelter for major storms, special preparations for power outages, etc.  These agencies work together to help you and your family in time of need.  But you must also make a special effort to prepare yourself since crises must be prioritized, and smaller needs will have to follow more important life-saving functions.  Call 720-898-6875 for more information.  Free brochures and information are available from the City of Arvada Office of Emergency Management, reviewing a variety of possible emergencies, such as tornadoes, chemical spills, floods, winter storms, heat waves, and any other potential situations.  It is in your interest to obtain information about emergency tool kits, medicine kits, evacuation needs, food storage needs, utility outage problems, vehicle emergency kits, etc.  Then it is important to become familiar with the programs you choose to follow, and to train the other members of your family to react properly, in case you are not available to guide them at that moment.  Fire drills are needed to test out your plan and to find out if there are any problems with children who do not know how to react with only a few moments notice.  Shelter drills are needed to see if you have all of the emergency tools, food, and equipment to ride out a major winter storm. Since the city has no citywide warning system, police and fire vehicles equipped with loud speakers, red lights and sirens will help inform citizens of emergency situations. The city also depends on the media to broadcast warnings.

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