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  • Board of Adjustment - The Board of Adjustment hears all appeals of the zoning ordinance and requests for variance to the Land Development Code
  • Short Term Rentals - On August 3, 2020, the City Council approved an ordinance to allow for the operation of short term rentals within the City of Arvada.¬† The effective date of
  • Curfew - CURFEW City of Arvada's curfew ordinance for juveniles can be found in the Arvada Municipal Code at 62-151 through 154.&nb
  • Feeding Wildlife Prohibited - In 2008 the Arvada City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting the feeding of wildlife on City parks and golf courses.
  • Municipal Code - The City of Arvada uses Municode to publish the City's Code of Ordinances, supplement data, state law references, and much more! You can easily browse the City's code, track changes to it, and even sign up to be altered about changes.