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The City of Arvada is home to a large array of wildlife, including but not limited to raccoons, beavers, skunks, coyotes, squirrels, woodpeckers as well as several others. Given the proper food source, water and shelter, they can make a home among humans. Intentional and inadvertent feeding is the major cause of most wildlife problems. Animals will find easy ways to accommodate their needs if they can. It's easier for them to eat from a pet's food dish or an accessible garbage can than to go hunting and scavenging on their own. Wild animals also make their home close to their food source and in some cases that means the invasion of human dwellings, under patios, in sheds, chimneys or attics. Conflicts can occur between wildlife and humans when these interactions happen. However, it can also be avoided by a proactive approach to animal proofing. This means keeping garbage cans covered and not putting out them out until trash pick up, or by keeping your pet's food inside the house, instead of on the back porch. Installing chimney caps, screening off the openings to attic vents, and covering the open spaces to raised porches or decks can prevent the wildlife from intruding. Arvada Animal Management has a variety of brochures available on wildlife. For more information or to receive a brochure please submit a service request and leave your name, address, phone number, and the species of wildlife you are having problems with or leave a message on our voice mail at 720-898-6850.

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