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Memorial Park Parking Lot Work 6/23 & 24 Sections of Memorial Park parking lots and City facilities parking lots will be closed for work June...
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  • Reporting Lost and Found Pet  - If you have lost or found a pet please call Arvada Animal Management at 720-898-6850.
  • Winter Pet Safety - When the weather outside turns cold and snowy, Arvada Animal Management reminds you to think about your pet's safety and recommends the foll
  • What to Do With a Dead Animal - Unfortunately many wild animals are killed on our roadways every year by cars.
  • Police Ride-Alongs - A Ride-Along gives citizens the opportunity to ride on patrol with an on-duty uniformed officer or Animal Management.
  • Rabies - Within recent months Arvada Animal Management has discovered two Myotis Lucifugus (Little Brown Bats) that have tested