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Internal Affairs 

Citizens can bring any issue to the Arvada Police Department, including suggestions and complaints. The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for examining and investigating allegations of employee misconduct. They are also available to answer questions regarding police services, procedures, and department issues.

If You Have a Concern

If a concern of policy, procedure, or any other issue is brought forward, we will listen to your concern. We will explain our policy or procedure and assist you in understanding why and how we do things. Your suggestions and concerns will be taken under consideration for improving our service to the community.

You can share a concern about police procedure or conduct:  

  • Online. Please visit Ask 
  • By Phone. During normal business hours, please call the Internal Affairs at 720-898-6666. After normal business hours, call 720-898-6900 and ask for a police supervisor.
  • By Fax. Send an outline of your concern to 720-898-6661.
  • By Letter or Written Form. Write a letter outlining your concern, or pick up a Citizen Inquiry Report at your local Community station.

How Investigations Work

Complaints of misconduct will be thoroughly investigated. This investigation generally includes:

  • An interview with the person making the complaint
  • An interview with any witnesses
  • An interview with the involved employee
  • A review of all reports, tape recordings or other evidence

The investigative report is forwarded to the Chief of Police who reviews the investigation and arrives at a final determination. Determinations are:

  • Substantiated - The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence
  • Unsubstantiated - There was insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation
  • Proper Action - The incident occurred, but the employee acted lawfully and properly
  • Unfounded - The allegation is false or not factual
  • Misconduct not Based on Complaint - Substantiated misconduct, not alleged in the complaint, but disclosed by the investigation
  • Exceptionally Cleared - The accused employee is no longer a member of the department at the conclusion of the investigation.

Investigative Findings

  • 2019. Seven formal investigations were conducted. All of the investigations involved sworn officers. One investigation was found proper action, one was exceptionally cleared, one was unsubstantiated and four were substantiated.  
  • 2018. Eleven formal investigations were conducted. Ten of the investigations involved sworn officers. Five were found proper action, four were substantiated, and two were exceptionally cleared with employee resignations. 
  • 2017. Six formal investigations were conducted.  Five involved sworn officers and all were substantiated. One involved a civilian member on staff, and was exceptionally cleared with the employee’s resignation.
  • 2016. Four formal investigations were conducted. All involved sworn officers and all were substantiated. 
  • 2015. Two formal investigations  were conducted. Both involved sworn officers and both were found to be unsubstantiated.